Subscription management and recurring billing solutions

SubscriptionBridge Sample Notification Messages

Dozens of e-mail notifications are sent out to cover many scenarios

We created SubscriptionBridge to help you save time and money by streamlining and automating subscription management. One of the direct ways of doing so is to send out a variety of notifications when "things" happen, and instruct customers on what's next, if needed (e.g. reminding them multiple times when a payment failed, and giving them a way to view any outstanding balance, pay it, and update their payment information for future payments). Here's an example of a Trial Subscription Created message shown in Microsoft Outlook.

SubscriptionBridge notification message

SubscriptionBridge cost savings

Beautiful, customizable e-mails

We designed e-mail notifications that look great and consistent across many different e-mail clients (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc.). The example above is a notification sent automatically when:

  • A new customer subscribes
  • There is a trial period

Add your logo and custom messages to the e-mail notifications, or ask Cloud Nation about fully customizable templates.

Keep your customers updated

SubscriptionBridge helps you keep your customers updated by notifying them whenever there is a change in their subscription. For example, SubscriptionBridge contains a smart feature that allows customers to stop a trial period and switch to a "full" account (useful when the trial gives access to limited products/services). A notification to both the merchant and the customer is sent in this scenario. See a full list of notifications sent by SubscriptionBridge.

Avanced users: react to notifications

SubscriptionBridge not only sends e-mail notifications, but it can post a silent post to a Callback URL that you can specify for each separate business managed through the system. So, for instance, you could automatically remove any limitations that apply to a free trial account when a customer decides to switch from a free trial to a full account.