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Hosted Checkout Demo

Look how easy it is to create and sell a gym membership with SubscriptionBridge

This demo was created by using the SubscriptionBridge built-in shopping cart (a simple checkout system hosted on the secure SubscriptionBridge Web servers). We also refer to our hosted payment pages as "simple integration" method.

Below is a description of the steps we took to create this demo. Or you can jump directly to the hosted checkout demo >>

SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center: create a store

Step 1STEP 1: we created a "store"

First, we created a store in the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center for our fictitious "Early Impact Gymnasium".

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SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center: packages

Step 2STEP 2: we created gym membership "packages" to be sold

By combining different payment plans (e.g. monthly vs. weekly membership), services ("Basic" vs. "Extended Hours"), and optional features (e.g. "Towel Service"), we created a series of gym membership options for our fictitious customers to subscribe to.

These are called "packages" in SubscriptionBridge.

SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center: get package links

Step 3STEP 3: we copied "package links" from SubscriptionBridge...

We're almost done already! All we have to do is obtain the special links that SubscriptionBridge creates for us and place them anywhere we want in order to start selling these subscriptions through the built-in SubscriptionBridge shopping cart (*).

SubscriptionBridge: add links to your Web site

Step 4STEP 4: ... and added them to our (fictitious) Web site

Now that we have obtained the purchase links from the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center, all we had to do was to add them to our (fictitious) Early Impact Gymnasium Web site to start selling gym memberships for our gym.

Too bad we actually don't have an Early Impact gym... but we'll work on that!


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(*) NOTE: You don't have to use the built-in shopping cart (hosted payment pages). You certainly have other options.