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Who and what is covered. How technical support is provided.

FREE support for SubscriptionBridge Merchants

Technical support to SubscriptionBridge Merchants is provided through our support ticket system, according to the terms listed below. Merchants typically receive a reply shortly after a ticket has been submitted. Technical support over the phone is not available at this time, although we certainly make exceptions to the rule when a customer is "stuck" or needs a consultation. To open a support ticket, log into the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center and select Help > Open a Support Ticket.

Online Documentation. Constantly Updated.

Extensive documentation for SubscriptionBridge is available online via the SubscriptionBridge WIKI. The documentation includes information for merchants, customers, developers... anyone that would use SubscriptionBridge in one way or another.

The SubscriptionBridge documentation is constantly updated by a number of editors that collaborate on the WIKI. The reason why a downloadable manual is not provided is precisely that the documentation is updated daily, by different individuals, and the WIKI format work very well in this scenario.

SubscriptionBridge Merchant vs. Customer

Technical support is provided to SubscriptionBridge Merchants, not the merchants' customers.

SubscriptionBridge Merchants are those companies that subscribe to the SubscriptionBridge service in order to use the system to sell and manage subscription-based products and services.

"Customers" - the actual subscribers of the Merchants' products and services - typically need support with issues that are not specifically related to SubscriptionBridge (e.g. "I did not receive my monthly wine shipment"), but rather the Merchant's business itself. SubscriptionBridge provides Merchants with a way to allow their customers to submit a customer service request to them through the SubscriptionBridge Customer Center.

SubscriptionBridge Technical Support Terms and Conditions

Please note the following, important terms and conditions:

  1. How we provide support
    1. E-mail support through our support ticket system is available free of charge.
    2. Technical support by phone is not available at this time. It's just to hard to provide support by phone on a system like SubscriptionBridge: in the vast majority of cases, we need to do some investigating before we can provide an answer to your request, and to do that we need time and some information (which you will provide via the support ticket system).
    3. Phone consultations are available free of charge:
      1. If you have pre-sales questions on SubscriptionBridge
      2. If you have general questions about integrating SubscriptionBridge with another application via the API
  2. What is supported
    1. SubscriptionBridge features as described in the SubscriptionBridge documentation. If a feature is not behaving as described, we will use our best efforts to address the issue in a timely manner.
    2. Support to developers that choose to integrate SubscriptionBridge with another application via the SubscriptionBridge API, including e-mail consultations, and code samples for facilitating such integrations
  3. What is NOT supported
    1. SubscriptionBridge features not included or not as described in the SubscriptionBridge documentation
    2. Source code level support (writing or debugging your programming source code) when integrating SubscriptionBridge with another application via the SubscriptionBridge API.
    3. Any billing, technical, or other issues pertaining to the Merchant’s relationship with its Payment Gateway and not related to the integration of such Payment Gateway with SubscriptionBridge.
  4. Changes to these terms
    As per the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Agreement, these Technical and Customer Support terms and conditions may change. We will provide written notice via e-mail to the e-mail address associated with your SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center account of any such changes at least 30 days before the changes take effect.